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iPhone 7 Plus Repair

iPhone 7 Front Screen Repair
iPhone 7 Plus
Front Screen Repair

iPhone 7 Battery Repair
iPhone 7 Plus
Battery Repair
iPhone 7 Microphone Repair
iPhone 7 Plus
Microphone Repair

iPhone 7 Dock Port Repair
iPhone 7 Plus
Dock/Charging Port Repair
iPhone 7 Earpiece Speaker Repair
iPhone 7 Plus
Earpiece Speaker Repair
iPhone 7 Rear Camera Repair
iPhone 7 Plus
Rear Camera Repair
iPhone 7 Front Camera Repair
iPhone 7 Plus
Front Camera Repair
iPhone 7 Loud Speaker Repair
iPhone 7 Plus
Loud Speaker Repair

iPhone 7 Plus Repair Chattanooga

At Oops Repair Chattanooga, we stock all the various repair parts for iPhone 7 Plus.  When “Oops!” happens…we can fix it!  The iPhone 7 Plus features a stunning 5.5-inch Retina HD display, amazing cameras, and many advanced features all in a new, breakthrough design. The iPhone 7 Plus comes in different storage sizes (32GB, 128GB & 256GB) and  5 sweet colors (Space Gray, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, and Jet Black)
Guarantee - 6 Month Warranty

All parts and labor that we provide are covered by a six month warranty. If your repaired device seems to be having issues after a repair, please visit us right away for warranty diagnostics. We will be happy to diagnose and replace any defective parts that were used during the original repair. Please keep in mind that the warranty does NOT cover physical damage (such as broken screen) or water damage done to the device after the initial repair.

Guarantee - Low Price

How do you know that you are always getting the best price for your repair services? Because Oops Repair offers a Low Price Guarantee on all local competitors’ regular advertised pricing. All you have to do is provide a local ad showing the repair price, and we will beat the price by $5!

Guarantee - Quality Parts

Watch us unpack and install the brand-new-out-of-the-wrapper-part(s) on your device.  Go ahead…ask us to show you the part(s) we are installing.  Touch them, feel them, they are high-quality, built-to-last components.  Now, go ask the other guys who say they use high-quality parts, and see if they are willing to let you inspect the parts.