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Supporting Local Education Programs – O.R.D.E.R.S.

Oops Repair Device for Education Repair Service (ORDERS) gives local community schools and organizations, in the Chattanooga area, access to great savings and services for iPads, Macs and iPhones that are not currently being offered by any other company in the area.
ORDERS allows Oops Repair to partner with local community schools and organizations to help reduce the cost and time lost with repairing devices that our teachers and students depend on daily!
We know that the digital age has fully come and, having become an integral part of the way children and youth are being educated, we know the importance of keeping those devices in proper working order. We also know that when children and youth are using them, there will inevitably be accidents and needed repairs. We would like to take the headache out of repairs and the time loss/cost for replacements out of device maintenance.
Benefits of the ORDERS program are as follows:
1) 20% cost reduction of any repair for school-owned devices
Our prices are clearly advertised on our website and we offer a low price guarantee, so you are assured that you will always receive an excellent price on your repair.
2) 15% off protective accessories for school-owned devices
15% off any case, tempered glass screen, etc. that we carry in stock. Want your school colors? Just let us know when you sign up and we’ll do our best.
3) On-site service pickup & delivery at no additional cost
Our highly trained and experienced technician will come to you to pick-up your device on-site, eliminating the delays in shipping out a device. We will even deliver protective accessories requested with any repair call.
4) 10% discount on student and teacher personal devices
5) 10% off accessories on student and teacher personal devices
This program does not require any contracts or binding agreements. If you’d like to participate in the ORDERS program, please contact Josh at (423) 320-3402 or josh@oopsrepair.com to begin enrollment.